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Vitamin D has really come to the fore as a ‘must have’ daily supplement, particularly since it was established as one of the most important micronutrients there is, when it comes to the immune system. It is now one of the most extensively researched vitamins, and for good reason.

Also known as cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) and ergocalciferol (vitamin D2), Vitamin D in any form is now one of the most widely consumed supplements in the world. Vitamin D is readily consumed via the diet, but much of it is biologically inactive, so by far the most efficient way to meet vitamin D requirements is via ultraviolet rays (UV rays) from that big yellow ball of fire in the sky…our sun.

However, the sun rays aren’t and many of us spend too much time in doors, meaning we cannot always rely on the sunshine to fulfil our vitamin D needs. Some people also have darker skin, meaning they have higher melanin levels which reduces the bodies ability to utilise the sun for vitamin D. The elderly are generally less efficient at converting vitamin D and usually spend more time inside, hence the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in some parts of Europe and, especially the UK.

Vitamin D requirements are also higher in children and women during pregnancy making oral vitamin D supplementation a key tool in avoiding deficiencies in the wider population.

Vitamin K1

Vitamin K comes in a variety of different forms, known as vitamers. The types of Vitamin K are either phylloquinones (vitamin K1) or menaquinones (vitamin K2).

Vitamin K1 should be mainly consumed via the diet from leafy greens and various other vegetables, but vast amounts of the public don’t consume enough of these food groups to meet their K1 requirements, and even if they do, the K1 in leafy greens isn’t at all well absorbed by the body (top tip: microwave your greens to optimise absorption).


Features & Benefits

DY Nutrition’s Vitamin D + K1 provides high bioavailable doses of both vitamins, in a form that the body can breakdown and absorb better than it would from food itself. A Vitamin D + K1 supplement will support your body’s ability to:

- Maintain a healthy Immune System

- Fight disease and infection

- Form and maintain healthy bones and teeth

- Maintain normal blood clotting function

- Regulate healthy amounts of Calcium and Phosphate in the body


Our Vitamin D supplement is proven to support the immune response i.e., our body’s ability to stave off and fight disease. Science and research has discovered that a vitamin D receptor is present on immune cells, a clear indicator of vitamin D’s benefit in fighting against disease.

Our Vitamin D + K1 (phylloquinone) combination is an important one, mainly for the cumulative benefit, particularly to our immune response, normal blood clotting and maintenance of normal bones and teeth.

Supplementing Vitamin D + K1 is an important part of any supplement routine, particularly as we mainly obtain vitamin K1 from leafy greens and other vegetables, foods that much of the population don’t consume enough of.

DY Nutrition’s Vitamin D + K1 enables you to top up vitamin K1 via a supplement, in a convenient and cost-effective form that is readily utilised by the body. For optimal results, remember to consume your Vitamin D + K1 supplement alongside fatty acids due to them being fat soluble vitamins, meaning they absorb better when consumed with fat. Consider taking vitamin D and K1 at a mealtime to enhance absorption and optimise results.


50mcg Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)

20mcg Vitamin K1 (Phylloquinone)



Take 2 capsules a day between meals.

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